Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Carnival Of Homeschooling - Creative Learning Edition

Welcome once again to the Carnival of Homeschooling!
We have lots of interesting posts to share with you this week!
I thought the theme this week should be all about building creative curricula.

Whether you have little ones or big kids to teach at home - there's always something different and wonderful to do as homeschoolers... so step right up to each carnival booth and enjoy!

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Jennifer Silcott shows us some homeschool unit study creativity with Native American Unit - Day 1 presented on her Home Grown Hearts Academy Homeschool Blog.

Kelli Miller shares with us this pre-school educational activity:  3 Little Pigs {Story Sequence} posted at 3 Boys and a Dog

If you are looking for a good deal on audio books for your homeschooling curriculum -  Simply Convivial shares with us her tips on the subject with How To Get Up To 15 Audible Audiobooks for $4 or less

Eclectic Momma associates cemeteries with stories and heritage. She doesn't live near her family graves anymore, but cemeteries still capture her attention with unknown stories displayed between the dates on a stone. She wanted her children to have reverence for these places and to see the connections to their community that can be found in this quiet and serene place. Not a place of fear...Please read her wonderful use of history as curriculum with her blogpost: Bizarre and Unusual Field Trips: Cemetery

From Tea Time with Annie Kate - We were so blessed to be able to meet some of the heroes of the past. Not only could we personally thank them, but they taught us more than we could ever learn from text books. Here's another great curriculum building idea: Appreciating our Veterans

Homeschoolvs publicschool examines the Bill of Rights Amendments #5 and 6 and shows us what the 5th and 6th amendments to the Constitution actually state and how they protect us.  Information definitely worth knowing.

A double-header! Katie presents some help with curriculum planning with these two posts: Starting your homeschoolers on a foreign language and 5 easy ways to add music to your homeschool --even if you are not musical posted over at My Sweet Homeschool.

And the beauty of homeschooling is that it offers so much flexibility between family and studies and outside interests... so as life gets more relaxed, Henry shares how and why is glad that homeschooling allows them to be flexible... read more at The crazy months are over at Why Homeschool

So even if you have the best designed curriculum - you may have issues with motivation... 
The blogger at Reading-Writing-Learning recently needed to write some information for a family struggling with their inattentive child and decided to turn it into a blog post for others to share. These tips really are relevant to anyone, with any child because they’re about positive communication, shaping behaviour the easy, effective way and getting your child to comply with house rules. Hope many of you find it useful - please read Managing your Inattentive Child at Home

Then of course - once you have worked through a high school curriculum and it's time to head off to college, preparing a High School Transcript can be a bit unnerving ... are Carnegie Units getting you a bit crazy???  MomSCHOOL shares with us Homeschool High School Credits and she discusses how navigating homeschool high school credits can be a difficult endeavor, but totally do-able.

and finally - life is more than just curriculum - Barbara Frank Online shares some good news with us - all about how a homeschooled couple found one another - read all about it at the blogpost: Newsflash! Homeschooled Couple Finds Each Other W/O Courtship (Gasp!)

I hope you've enjoyed this edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling.
I hope you've picked up some good ideas along the way and I hope that you will all continue to be imaginative, resourceful and fun loving homeschoolers!

Just remember this:
"What you teach your children, you also teach your grandchildren"

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